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Sorrel Leaf Healing Center Newsletter #1

July 11th, 2022 Dear Friends, Welcome to the first newsletter from and about Sorrel Leaf Healing Center, Humboldt County and the North Coast’s first child and adolescent mental health crisis center. We are excited to share the great progress we’ve made toward bringing these needed services to our community. With our Child and Youth grant from the California Health Facilities Financing Authority we purchased our home at 124 Indianola Road at the end of last year. Plans are being drawn up by our architect Julian Berg and our design team at North Point Consulting to remodel the existing home into our Crisis Residential Treatment Center and to build our 3 bed Crisis Stabilization Unit along with therapeutic spaces adjacent to that. Stay tuned- drawings and floor plans to come soon. In more imminent news, we have purchased our Center’s vehicle, a plug-in hybrid Toyota Rav-4, and are about to start our hiring process for a Clinician and a Social Worker to form our first Mobile Response Team (MRT), which will be able to begin offering crisis services to the county this fall. Our team will be available to answer crisis calls involving young people anywhere in Humboldt County, including schools, law enforcement, emergency rooms and homes. These newsletters will be sent to you periodically to keep you up to date on our progress. In addition, we will be using this platform to post employment and volunteer opportunities and to keep the community informed on needs as they come up. We appreciate your support and interest in our shared work- together we will make a profound difference in the lives of our most vulnerable young people. With Love and Good Wishes, The Sorrel Leaf Team

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