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Redwood tree forest

Sorrel Leaf Healing Center is being created within our own community, for our own children. If you would like to get involved in creating this vision, there are a few ways you can help us grow. We are currently in a funding drive to complete our capital budget, so if you would like to make a monetary contribution click the donate button below. But we also need your input, wisdom and lived experience. We greatly appreciate any type of community contribution big or small, and we are thankful for your support, time and  generosity.

Donate Time, Wisdom, an Item, Product, or Service

Are you excited to be part of Sorrel Leaf Healing Center through a donation of time, service, or product? 

We have need for your expertise on the following community working groups:






     -Direct Care (How will life at the Center feel?)

If you have experience or interest in any of these areas, please fill out this short form:

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