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Crisis Residential Treatment

Sorrel Leaf will offer a 10-30 day residential stay at our farm-based Crisis Residential Treatment facility, focused on helping the young person in crisis to restore wholeness and meaning to their lives. In addition to therapeutic care and activities, Residents will be exposed to art, music, farming, cooking and meaningful community. We are currently building the vessel for our healing work and will be open in early 2026.

Our therapeutic approach is rooted in a mindfulness model that focuses on embodied healing and connection to self, each other and the human and natural environments. Residents will leave with new and better tools for emotional regulation and distress tolerance. Some of the modalities we will utilize include dialectical and cognitive behavior therapies, group therapy, family systems therapy, and somatic and experiential modalities including yoga, music, EMDR and movement in addition to life skills training, sleep and diet optimization. Pediatric psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will oversee the diagnosis and management of our Residents' mental health challenges.

Site of crisis residential center showing original home and pond
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